Personalised Masonic Napkins

Personalised Masonic Napkins

We provide personalised napkins for Masonic Lodge members. Because of our involvement with freemasonry, we have been able to understand the symbolic importance of your lodge and can provide your lodge emblem embroidered on a dinner napkin.


Additionally, the button hole on the diagonal allows you to fix it easily to your shirt.

No more spills on your dinner shirt and when you go visiting, you can be proud to show your lodge emblem to others.

We use 100% pure cotton white napkins and 100% cotton threads. All our napkins are machine washable.

They make a perfect gift for someone first coming into Freemasonry, they are also a very good way to say thank you for support!

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Forget those useless paper napkins...

We can make you a

Smart Lodge Napkin

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