How did Masonic Napkins Come About?..Part 2 - Masonic Napkins


How did Masonic Napkins Come About?..Part 2

This is a continuation of my previous Blog Article
…Some of the modules that I covered were Business Organisations, Human Resources, Business Accountancy, Law and Marketing. All of these were to come together in my final and major piece of work which was a Business Plan correctly laid out and researched for presentation to either a bank or an investor for my business.
I had to first of all decide what my business was going to be. The majority of my classmates chose businesses that they were very unlikely to actually proceed with. Among them were a snooker hall, an indoor play centre for children, a sports club franchise and a cleaning business. I was determined to make this Business Plan a really good piece of work and had the idea that I could improve upon my original masonic napkins, this was something that I knew about.
I managed to persuade my husband to take me to an exhibition held at Alexandra Palace for Knitting and Stitching. The purpose of this was to look at embroidery machines and see what I would need and to get some tips from experienced embroiderers. We had a really funny dialogue with a lady who was a member of an embroidery guild. She told us that there was another larger ‘knitting and shitting’ show and we all fell about laughing, as did she, when she realised what she had said. I must say, that was an ice breaker!

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