How did Masonic Napkins Come About?..Part 3 - Masonic Napkins


How did Masonic Napkins Come About?..Part 3

These visits to the trade shows were taking place at the beginning of my final year as I needed to gather lots of information to support my final piece of work.

Sorry to digress but I’ve just had one of those déjà vu moments…

I am writing this whilst listening to Simon Mayo Drivetime and the confessions segment has just come on. When that musical introduction came on, I can remember every time I drove to my lectures, I had to be at a certain point in my journey when that started to make it on time. If I was still on the M23, I was running late! It was a real rush always as I came home from work, changed and got all my books and notes together. Most importantly, I had to make a sandwich and a very large flask of coffee as my lectures were from 6-9 in the evening and after a days work, keeping awake was a challenge. Did I go home straight from my lectures? No. Not wanting to let my pub quiz team of some years down, I rushed straight to the pub and got there for the last few rounds. . The first thing was to try and answer questions they had written down that they either didn’t know or wanted another confirmation if something was doubtful


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